Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bank Card Fraud Being Investigated After Traced To Wendy's Restaurant

FIRST News Now already covered the breach of First Citizens Community Bank customers' cards and how the bank was quick to send out notices and issuing new cards to customers to help protect them.

Readers that experienced fraudulent transactions let FNN know that Wendy's Restaurant was the cause of the bank card compromise and on Friday, First Citizens Community Bank confirmed that information on their website. Thankfully, First Citizens have been working with those customers who were compromised and those bank customers who had fraudulent transactions are being reimbursed.

Shocking is the fact that the card compromise was tracked to Wendy's Restaurant and that it goes all the way back to September of 2015.

Wendy's Restaurant posted the following recent statement on their website,

“ Wendy’s is currently investigating reports of unusual activity involving payment cards at some restaurant locations.
Reports indicate fraudulent charges may have occurred elsewhere after payment cards were legitimately used at some restaurants.

We have been working with our payment industry contacts since recently learning of these reports and we have launched a comprehensive investigation with the help of cyber-security experts to gather facts, while working to protect our customers. We also are fully cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

Until this investigation is completed, it is difficult to determine with certainty the nature or scope of any potential incident.

As always, in line with prudent personal financial management, we encourage our customers to be diligent in watching for unauthorized charges on their payment cards. Generally, individuals that report unauthorized charges in a timely manner to the bank or credit card company that issued their card are not responsible for those charges.
Wendy’s will provide updates, as appropriate, as we learn more from our investigation.”

Wendy's also provided its customers who have questions, with a toll-free number (888-846-9467) or email for those customers with specific questions.

First Citizens Community Bank reminds its customers that if they have used their debit or credit card at Wendy's Restaurant over the last year, they really need to watch their account carefully for fraudulent transactions. If you suspect something contact the bank immediately, they are there to help you. Also First Citizens reminds its customers that the security of their customers' account information is their top priority.

No matter which bank you do business with, you are the first line of defense in protecting your account. Keep track of your transactions so that you can catch a problem quickly and turn it into the bank you do business with immediately.

Special thanks going out to First Citizens Community Bank for their actions they took to protect their customers.