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Eric Wilson wins 2016 Mike and Jim Duffy Memorial at McKean County Raceway!

Eric Wilson wins 2016 Mike and Jim Duffy Memorial at McKean County Raceway!
East Smethport, PA (April 23, 2016)
By Jay Pees
The air was cold but the racing hot under crystal clear blue skies for the 2016 season opener with Tom McFall, Eric Wilson, David Scott, Bruno Mowery, and Kurt Babcock picking up the opening night checkers.
Tom McFall, a past MCR Champion, resumed his racing career after several years of retirement and brought the Advocare by Advozuvy.com Street Stocks to the green and led Brady Church and Ted Masco at the end of one lap. By halfway McFall was leading Church by half a straight while they fought over the runner up spot. Mascho edged by Church at lap thirteen but Church again was second at fourteen complete. McFall extended his lead to a full straight by the end of the twenty lapper with Church prevailing for second by a car length at the stripe. Mascho was third wth Michael Bergel and Ed Coast filling out the top five. The win for McFall was his first win in nearly fifteen years at MCR.
photos by Jimmie Porter
Eric Wilson and John Waters brought the Jim and Mike Duffy Memorial feature to the track with a double “Missing Man” formation four-wide salute to the fans. Wilson, all the way from Cortland, OH led lap one with Waters right behind. At lap eight Wilson was into lapped traffic when Zach Weich came to a halt in turn four. At green Dave Lyon ran second for half a lap before Waters came back by him. At halfway it was Wilson, Waters, and Lyon when Weich again stopped, this time on the front straight. Damian Bidwell and Jeremy Wonderling filled out the top five at halfway. Again Lyon came to second at green, this time holding it but three cars , Brad Mesler, Andy Michael, and Wyatt Scott, spun in turn four, again bringing caution over the event. Over the last half of the race it was Wilson maintaining his lead and going on to his first ever McKean County Raceway feature win. The win came on the eve of his nineteenth birthday. Lyon held on for second with a Waters third, Damien Bidwell fourth, and Jason Knowles fifth.WILSON DUFFY MEMORIAL
Greg Johnson and John Woodward brought the Close Racing Supply E-Mods to green Johnson grabbing the lead at the drop of green. Darren Taribori came to second at the end of one lap with “Slowride” David Scott up to third. At eight laps in, Scott got to second and started chasing down the leader. At halfway Scott edged by Johnson and drove off to the win. Johnson held on for second at the checkers with, Vic Vena third, Kirk Bradley fourth, and Al Brewer fifth.
The Peters Graphics and Designs Pure Stocks were brought to green by Bruno Mowery and Alex Wulff with Mowery grabbing the immediate lead. Yellow flew at three complete when Dan Ott looped his mount in turn four. On the restart the front row failed to fire, negating the green. At halfway the front five were Mowery, Wulff, Ryan Snyder, Ott, and Glen Layfield. With two laps remaining Zack Gustafson had his engine erupt in a cloud of smoke, dropping a trail of oil on the front straight, again forcing yellow. At the checkers it was Mowery and Wulff followed by Snyder, Ott, and Layfield.
The Mary Norgrove Notary Service Mini-Stock feature had a four-wide race for the lead on the back straight on lap one but two of the leaders, pole sitter Dylan Strade and Casey Burch ended up in the front straight wall. For the restart the front row was Kurt Babcock and Jacob Dunn. Babcock led the first lap with Burch taking over at lap two. Burch steadily pulled out to a lead of only one car length by lap five. In lapped traffic Babcock was able to regain the lead at halfway. Babcock extended his lead to three lengths by lap ten. At eleven complete Burch appeared to suffer mechanical ails and fell back, exiting pitside at twelve complete. Babcock went on to the win over Dana Haver, and Kurt Goodell. Haver would be disqualified for not crossing the scales and not going to tech after the event awarding second to Goodell and Dave Lowe Sr. third.
MCR returns to action on THURSDAY, May 26 as the Zimmer’s Service Center UEMS Emod Series makes their first appearance to MCR of the year in the Rayce and Zoiee Zuver Memorial featuring a pair of Twin 20s features paying $700 to win. A full program of RUSH Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Mini Stocks will also be on the card. Race Time will be 7:30pm for the Thursday night event.
Little Power Shop RUSH Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: John Waters, Jeremy Wonderling, Eric Wilson, Randy Hall, Bryce Davis, Jason Knowles, Garrett Mott, Doug Ricotta
Heat 2: Jason Tingue, Dave Lyon, Damian Bidwell, Andy Michael, Mike Onderling Jr, Wyatt Scott, RJ Pistner, Zach Weich, Brad Mesler
Feature: Eric Wilson, Dave Lyon, Hn Waters, Damian Bidwell, Jason Knowles, Randy Hall, Jeremy Wonderling, Mike Wonderling Jr, Bryce Davis, Jason Tingue, Doug Ricotta, Brad Mesler, Garrett Mott, Wyatt Scott, RJ Pistner, Andy Michael, Zach Weich
Close Racing Supply E-Mods:
Heat 1: Greg Johnson, John Woodward, Darren Tarabori, Dave Scott, Vic Vena, Kirk Bradley, Butch Southwell, Al Brewer
Feature: Dave Scott, Greg Johnson, Vic Vena, Kirk Bradley, Al Brewer, Butch Southwell, Darren Tarabori, John Woodward
Advocare by Advozuy.com Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Tom McFall, Brady Church, Critter Hemphill, Jamie Colewell, Rick Wojtowicz, Dan Maybee
Heat 2: Ted Mascho, Ed Coast, Michael Bergel, Dustin Goss, Devin Dudenhooeffer
Feature: Tom McFall, Brady Church, Ted Mascho, Michael Bergel, Ed Coast, Dustin Goss, Dan Maybee, Critter Hemphil (DNS)l, Rich Wotjowicz (DNS), Devin Dudenhoeffer (DNS), Jamie Colewell (DNS)
Peter’s Graphics & Designs Pure Stocks:
Heat 1: Bruno Mowery, Roger Schweikert, Glen Layfield, David Warrior, Ryan Snyder (DQ)
Heat 2: Alex Wulff, Cliff Eastman, Matt Putt, Dan Ott, Zack Gustafson
Feature: Bruno Mowery, Alex Wulff, Ryan Snyder, Dan Ott, Glenn Layfield, Roger Schweikert, Zack Gustafson, Matt Putt, Cliff Easton, David Warrior
Mary Norgrove Notary Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Kurt Babcock, Casey Burch, Dave Lowe Jr, Dylan Strade, Duane Powers, Dana Haver, Dave Lowe Sr, Mike Eastman
Heat 2: Holden Heinemann, Kurt Goodell, Jacob Dunn, Dylan Edminster, Michael Provorse Leonard Britton, Eric Canfield, David Kunes
Feature: Kurt Babcock, Kurt Goodell, Dave Lowe Sr., Jacob Dunn, Leonard Britton, Casey Burch, Dyllan Edminster, Duane Powers, Dylan Strade, Michael Provorse, Eric Canfield (DNS) David Kunes (DNS), Dave Lowe Jr. (DNS), Mike Eastman (DNS), Holden Heinemann(DNS).

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